Monday, August 31, 2009

Lanterne Rouge Vol 2: Rabid TURTLE Development Program

"No campaign plan survives first contact with the enemy"
- Helmuth Graf von Moltke, German Generalfeldmarschall.

Well here was my plan for the week. I put a great deal of little TURTLE brain bites in it and even sent it to my couch Bill Gros (Pyramid Training so we could begin TURTLE Development in earnest beginning tomorrow 1 Sep . . .

MON: FC x 2; small chain ring / Gym . . . one rep maximum test to determine workout weight;

TUE: FC x 2; small chain ring . . . test to see if I can do two days back to back--have not done that in a while

WED: MC x 2 / Gym (week 1 program)

THUR: MC x 2 / may try RBC ride if I can make it out of my meting by 1600. It takes almost 1+00 from desk to Dunn-Lorring Metro and another 1+00 to the RBC meet point in Herndon. That includes transition time. I can always bail on that ride as it gets close to my house.

FRI: MC x 1 and pick up rental car for the weekend . . .

Here’s what the codes FC and MC mean:



So, the plan was set and at 0400 I was up and ready to execute a 0500 departure. My only worry was if my one headlamp would last the commute. The second bulb in my NiteRider Classic burned out last week and I had no spare. Order three last night before going to bed.

But then I believe someone set off an electromagnetic pulse (EMP) device at my place around 0430. My laptop crashed with the MAC version of the Window’s Blue Screen of death. That is not supposed to happen!!! After a few minutes of trying to get it restarted—they all failed, I pushed for the door. I had a 42K ride to work and needed to get going into the sunrise . . . ah the nostalgia. NOT!!! I was !@#$%^& already late!!!

Then my Garmin Edge 305 did not turn on! Where were the @#$%^&* gremlins??? And why were my two cats laughing so hard???

Yet into the darkness I pushed and at 5K down the road I remembered I left an item that I needed for work. Back I went. More gnashing of teeth. More crushing blows to the TURTLE shell. This just about eliminated my desire to get to the gym and start a weight lifting routine. Why was someone trying to take away TURTLE joy??? Who did I piss off now??? I already told my Boss of my plans to retire . . .

I was starting to get crushed mentally. Then I really thought about it . . . I don’t need a HR monitor or computer to tell me how to pedal fast. Back to old school I go. And the laptop? Well, I had 2K set aside for a PowerTap or a beater pick-up truck. Both move down the list now . . .

So att this point the one piece of working technology…my iPod, was in full throttle. I matched the hard rock with the quickest cadence my little TURTLE stick could muster. OK, stop laughing . . . it was more than 50 rpm. I don’t know how much more (remember…no computer) but it was more!!!

With about 12K to go, I rolled up a guy at a light. We traded passing each other for a bit and then decided to ride and talk to each other. He pushed the tempo a bit (he was on a clock and I was trying to stay in the small chain ring) but I hung in there.

Turns out he is commuting the National Defense University (NDU…I worked there this past summer) and even better, he is in the USAF (graduated 2 years ahead of me at the Air Froce Academy) and did an exchange tour with the German Luftwaffle (Air Force). It was just the words I needed to break me out of my electronic funk . . .

I fixed the Garmin when I got to work this AM. Jeff Erler (I bought the Edge 305 from him) told me it would happen and I found the trick to restart it posted on the web. Could not do it this AM…recall—no laptop.

However, I am on it and although it is only 1245 and I really need to get back to work, I am looking forward to the spin home. The Rabid TURTLE Development Plan starts in earnest tomorrow!

Life is still good!

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  1. Way to keep the PMA vibe alive Turtle - your positive mental attitude is all good. Hope the travels are treating you well. Bring back some deutsch bier bitte!